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What is Cappies?

Through the Cappies, high school theater and journalism students are trained as theater critics. They attend shows at each other’s schools, after which they write reviews of those shows under the guidance of teacher-mentors. The mentors select the top reviews for publication in local media. At the end of the school year, in each program, critics serve as judges for "Cappie" nominations and awards that are presented in a Cappies Gala. During the summer, top Cappie winners from throughout the U.S. and Canada form the company of Cappies International Theater, in Washington, D.C., where they present original plays and, this year, a new student-written musical. Our chapter is known as the “Cappies of Greater Cincinnati.” 29 schools currently participate in our Cappies chapter.

For further information regarding Cappies, please go to the Cappies website: www.cappies.com.

The 2007-2008 Lakota West Cappies Team

Jen Shroder (Lead Critic)
Nicole Gruenke
Jon Kovach
Megan McGill
Alexa von Bargen

Past Cappies Awards for Lakota West Theatre

  • Katie Mulligan and Brandi Sweeney
    Stage Crew for The Sound of Music
  • Jeff Berger
    Male Vocalist, Anything Goes
  • Lakota West Orchestra
    Best Orchestra, Anything Goes
  • Lauren Sprague
    Lead Actress in a Musical, Anything Goes
  • Jeff Berger
    Male Vocalist, Seussical
  • Taryn Pramuk
    Featured Actress in a Musical, Seussical
  • Felexia O’aku
    FemaleVocalist, Seussical
  • Lauren Sprague
    Female Dancer, Seussical
  • Brandon Lewis
    Male Dancer, 42nd Street
  • Lauren Sprague
    Female Dancer, Seussical
  • “42nd Street”
    Best Song, 42nd Street