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  1. Lakota West Theatre High School auditions are open to students who meet one of the following criteria:
    • They attend Lakota West High School, grades 10-12.
    • They attend Lakota Freshman School and are planning to attend Lakota West.
    • They are home schooled but districted to attend Lakota West.

  2. Students are encouraged to attend the Students on Stage Meetings prior to auditioning to learn important information about auditions. Attendance at these meetings is not required for a student to audition.

  3. Generally speaking, audition packet are available just after the Students on Stage Meetings in the theatre lobby which is located under the marquee (This information may be different in the fall of �07 depending upon the state of the school due to construction. Please check the website for updates).

  4. Next to audition packets will be a sign-up sheet where students can sign up for their 30-minute audition slot. Some shows, such as musicals, require more than one audition (ie dance). Each student needs to obtain the audition packet and read it thoroughly to make sure that s/he knows what is involved in auditions. We will make every effort to make information available online, but the ultimate responsibility for knowing when to audition and what to do at said audition rests with the student.

  5. Not everyone can be the part s/he seeks. If you are serious about being involved in West Theatre, then you should accept whichever part you are cast in. If you think you are too good for a certain role, perhaps your attitude is not the right fit for our program. The students of West Theatre who have lead roles have put in a lot of work behind the scenes and have trained hard to earn their success.

  6. If you do not make the cast, we encourage you to work crew for then show. Not only can crew work be very fun and very rewarding, your hard work behind the scenes will help you to make a name for yourself in West Theatre and show us you have a good attitude.

The schedule for Christmas Carol auditions is as follows:

2:45-3:30 Students on Stage meeting (SOS is West Theatre�s drama club)
2:30-5:30 Christmas Carol first round auditions (students do not need to be at auditions for three hours�rather they sign up for a 30-minute audition time slot. Sign-ups start at the SOS meeting and continue on through the end of the day on Friday 8/31)
Callback list posted both online and on the theatre door (based only on acting auditions)
2:30-4:00 Christmas Carol singing auditions (NOT REQUIRED– we recommend students with choir experience and strong singing voices audition).
2:30-4:00 Christmas Carol Callbacks (simply because you are not called back does not mean you are not cast�we are using a large cast for this show)
High School cast list for Christmas Carol posted online at 7pm.
Children�s Auditions for Christmas Carol
Children�s cast list posted by noon

The schedule for Little Women auditions is as follows:

2:45-3:30 Students on Stage meeting (SOS is West Theatre�s drama club)
2:45-5:30 Little Women singing and acting auditions
2:45-5:30 Little Women dancing auditions
2:30-4:30 Little Women callbacks
Little Women cast list on website after 3pm


  1. Lakota West Theatre High School auditions are open to students who meet one of the following criteria:
    • They attend Lakota West High School, grades 10-12.
    • They attend Lakota Freshman School and are planning to attend Lakota West.
    • They are home schooled but districted to attend Lakota West.

  2. Students are encouraged to attend the Students on Stage Meetings prior to applying for crew.

  3. In addition to attending the Students on Stage meeting, students should attend the crew meetings that are held after casting is complete. At these meetings, crew applications are available. They are usually due about a week after the meeting.

  4. Based on the crew applications, students will be assigned to certain crews. EVERYONE WHO APPLIES WILL BE PLACED ON A CREW, although it may not be his/her first choice. Students with a sincere interest in being on crew should work whichever crew they are assigned. Dropping off of crew will send the message that you are not committed to being involved with West Theatre.

  5. The most labor intensive behind-the-scenes in West Theatre are student directors, stage managers, and crew chiefs. Generally speaking, those jobs are reserved for more experienced theatre students.

  6. The crew that puts in the most rehearsal time is backstage running crew. Do not apply for this crew if you anticipate conflicts with after school rehearsals. Other crews that require larger commitments are costume crew, hair & make-up, lights, and sound.

  7. If you are looking to be involved but are busy, we recommend house crew (ushering). It is a very important job but only requires you to work at the performances. It�s ideal for students who can�t make after school rehearsals but still want to be involved. Publicity is another crew that requires a lesser time commitment. Apply for a crew that realistically fits into your schedule.


  • Drama Mamas and Papas (DMP for short) is our theatre boosters organization. Although most of our membership is made up of theatre parents, we welcome anyone to join in our efforts to support West Theatre, whether it be sibs, alumnae, alumnae parents, aunts, uncles, friends, anyone.
  • The group meets about four times a year and also works in various capacities to help support the shows and the programs: bringing in snacks during tech week, fundraising, chaperoning�to name a few. We have found this support to be invaluable to our program.
  • Meetings are the following dates: September 18, October 16, February 5, April 8


  • The patron program is as old as Lakota West Theatre itself. Upon founding Lakota West Theatre, Kim Tanis instituted this program as an ingenious means of raising funds for the show. Kim developed this as an alternative to a costume fee, which nearly every high school theatre program charges. As opposed to a costume fee�which gives parents nothing in return�purchasing a Patron Sponsorship affords parents the following benefits:
    • Preferred seating
    • Opening Night reception
    • Program recognition
    • The knowledge that you are supporting one of the top programs in the state

  • Since the district cut a high percentage of theatre funding in response to failed levies, we are in need of raising most of the funding ourselves. This year, we rely on patron and corporate sponsorships more than ever.

  • Cast members and Students on Stage Officers have patron brochures. Peruse the brochures carefully and please consider becoming a show patron. Consider also sharing this information with anyone else, whether corporate or individual, who may be inclined to support our efforts. It�s NOT a donation or a handout. All patron sponsorship packages include tickets, and all corporate packages include myriad advertising opportunities. The �green� brochure is for personal patrons and the �blue� form is for corporate. We can provide you with additional brochures if needed.

  • If you plan to sponsor the show, please send your form in as soon as you can to ensure the best possible seating. The deadline for submitting patron forms is October 10.

Cast members of Christmas Carol who fail to sell $200 worth of patrons need to pay a fee of $150 by October 10. Failure to comply with this requirement will result in the student�s immediate removal from the show. If you have any questions about it, please call Paula Dolloff at (513) 682-4115, ext. 10431.

Here is some news updates/information:

I am planning to be a Patron/already am a Patron. What do I do next?
First of all, thank you! Now, follow these steps:
  1. Send in patron form and check, either with your child or through the mail: Lakota West Theatre, Att�n: Paula Dolloff, 8940 Union Centre Boulevard, West Chester, OH 45069.

  2. Patron tickets are assigned based on the order they are received. Hence, the sooner you get your forms in, the more likely it is that you will get your first choice in seating.

  3. Patron tickets may be exchanged later, but understand that the longer you wait, the less likely you will be to get the seats you want.

  4. Sales of non-patron tickets start October 10. Ticket order forms may be downloaded from our website : www.lakotawesttheatre.com

  5. Call Paula Dolloff at 682-4115, ext. 10431 with questions.


For everyone who buys groceries at Kroger: Consider buying a Kroger Card to support Lakota West Theatre. The card cost $1 but has $1 to spend on groceries. Then, prior to buying groceries, all you need to do is "fill it up" with whatever amount you need and use the card to pay for your groceries. West Theatre gets 4% of purchases (not including alcohol or tobacco). 4% may not seem like a lot, but it adds up over time! Again, West Theatre makes money as you do an errand you would be doing anyway.